It was amazing

I loved it all!  What else could we have asked for?  Good food, a comfortable bed, good company and an excellent teacher.  Thank you, Maria, it was amazing!

Thank you again.

Jan Taylor

I came away feeling more confident

I came away feeling more confident, particularly in speaking Italian, and felt my pronunciation improved over the few days. I also learnt new phrases and gained a better understanding of the grammar and of the knowledge I have acquired over the years of studying Italian. I also feel my “acting ” has improved too! Obviously your emphasis on the Italian way of communication has paid off!


Inspiring and fun

Thank you very much for an enjoyable Italian weekend experience. The weather was beautiful, the guest house and food of a high standard and the course was both informative, inspiring and fun!


My confidence in speaking improved greatly

Maria is a remarkable Italian teacher, spending a weekend on her course was a turning point in my interest in taking Italian to another level. It was hugely enjoyable and I quickly became engrossed in experiencing the Italian language in a variety of ways, drama, song, movement and in the dining room where we enjoyed a splendid Italian menu. My confidence in speaking improved greatly through Maria’s thoughtful and varied approach.We absorbed so much of interest about Italian life and culture. Blair Lodge paid kind attention to our every need. A truly memorable experience.


The course was an amazing experience

The course was an amazing experience – I particularly enjoyed all the involvement in Italian life. I thought your baker was so passionate about his work, the Cantina Crifo was really interesting and I was stunned how much of his Italian I understood. The Jatta museum was a unique experience, the building , the pots and the lunch on the roof terrace will stay in my memory for a long time


It really works! Funziona!

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course at the weekend, and how much I appreciated your enthusiastic and lively approach…it really works! Funziona!


I felt so proud being able to speak Italian after only one weekend course

I just wanted to thank you again for a truly wonderful language course. As you know I was visiting Italy the following week with quite a lot of travelling to do on public transport and I simply couldn’t have managed without the course. It was great to be able to put into practice what we learned and it almost felt like you tailor-made the course with my trip in mind. All of the situations and role-playing proved invaluable and I felt so proud being able to speak Italian after only one weekend course.


Every detail makes you think of Italy

It was a very rich experience as an immersion basis language course. Classes are given in a lively and friendly environment. The Blair Lodge guests are offered a very kind and warm hospitality. The specially prepared Italian meals are delicious! Every detail makes you think of Italy, even “la insalata tri-colore”!!! Brilliant reception and pleasant way of learning a foreign language.


I cannot recommend it too highly

I went to Maria’s Italian course in Ruvo last Easter, it was a great holiday, I cannot recommend it too highly. We stayed in a beautiful hotel – the swimming pool was a great place to unwind after sessions – and spent four or five hours of enjoyable learning every day


I am just lost in admiration

Maria is such a dedicated teacher, as an ex teacher of languages, I am just lost in admiration. She had the knack of never putting anyone on the spot and of boosting our confidence.

Jane & David Hughes