Study holidays

Immerse yourself in the history and culture of the beautiful Puglia region and its natural splendour.

From the very first day you will be encouraged to speak as much Italian as possible, no matter how bad or grammatically incorrect.

No other courses will give you more linguistic and cultural full immersion: the very intensive timetable offers you four hours of lessons every morning; and in the afternoons, after a light but tasty lunch, at the teacher’s home or in one of the many bars or bakeries of Ruvo, with the unmistakeable aroma of the typical cuisine of Ruvo, a sightseeing visit and two more hours of conversation and culture classes.

Cultural visits will give you a break from the language lessons and a real taste of Ruvo, its people and its culture.

It will be so rewarding to be completely immersed in a language and its corresponding culture, each afternoon you will learn phrases that you will be able to practice straight away, and I can assure you the people of Ruvo, the shopkeepers, the teacher’s friends and family will indulge you by listening and correcting where appropriate.

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