Learn in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Our approach is relaxed and interactive, structured around a mixture of classroom-style and communicative activities, including role-plays, simulations, and games. The small size of the class ensures that the tutor can give each learner the individual attention they require

The full immersion teaching method is designed to enable a swift and confident transition from the classroom to real life situations.

Great importance is given to active student participation in the process of learning. Students are encouraged to talk about themselves and to express their feelings and thoughts. This ‘humanistic’ approach helps students to become confident whatever learning strategy or style they might have.

  • Innovative method
  • New challenge
  • Totally relaxed
  • Engaging activities
  • Native-speaker
  • Sensational Food
  • Inspiring self-confidence
  • Vibrant location
  • Exciting adventure!

Learning materials

Students will receive a course book that includes exercises to complete whilst on the weekend and later in private study. There is also a CD that will cover some of the listening exercises and a verb table to help get to grips with Italian grammar.

Course Director

Course director Maria, Ursi-Amesbury, explains about an Italian painting
Course director Maria, Ursi-Amesbury

Maria Ursi-Amesbury is the founder and director of Intensive Italian. Originally from Ruvo di Puglia in Southern Italy, Maria has taught Italian language and culture at all levels in educational institutions across the South West of England.